MI Paste

What is MI Paste?

MI Paste is a water-based, sugar-free cream that comes in a tube like toothpaste. When applied directly to your teeth, it can help protect and rebuild your teeth’s surface. MI Paste uses calcium and phosphate to replenish the minerals in your teeth and strengthen them.

MI Paste is unique in that is it the only product for professional use that contains the active ingredient RECALDENT™, a special milk derived phosphopeptide that binds calcium and phosphate to tooth surfaces.

Representative Tooth Paste Icon for Nicole Kuske Dentistry

MI Paste restores the oral mineral imbalances that cause demineralization by replacing minerals while improving saliva flow and fluoride absorption, as well as soothing sensitive surfaces.

Available with or without fluoride

What dental conditions can MI Paste help remedy?

Dentists and patients have found success using MI Paste to treat:

  • Buffering acids produced by oral bacteria and plaque
  • Helping with tooth sensitivity before or after professional teeth whitening or cleaning
  • Preventing white spot lesions that can occur during orthodontic treatment
  • Providing a topical coating to ease suffering from acid erosion, caries and conditions arising from dry mouth, often medication-induced
  • Helping pregnant women who may have high oral acid levels associated with pregnancy
  • Reducing high oral acid levels from excessive soft-drink consumption